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IP Transit and Transport Services Our facilitates offers both IP transit and transport services to best serve your specific requirements. Whether you need connectivity to a building across town or across the country, our selection of carriers can meet your needs. With an extensive array of options, including protected and unprotected wavelength, multi-protocol label switching (MPLS), layer 2 dark fiber and metro-Ethernet services, you decide what technology fits best. Additionally, a range of scalable bandwidth solutions is available with connection speeds ranging from 1 Mbps up to several 10 Gbps connections.
Self-Provisioned Public Cloud Taking self-provisioning to a whole other level, Arizona Colocation uses an intuitive graphical user interface to enable the rapid creation of public cloud virtual machines (VMs). Our solution is simple enough that any business user can set up VMs in a just a few minutes, versatile enough to handle a wide-range of computing tasks, dynamic enough to match ever-changing data demands, and featured enough that tech-savvy individuals can tailor and customize as needed.
Secured Servers Arizona Colocation offers dedicated server hardware hosted in our enterprise data center. One single operational expense (OpEx) cost includes your network management, hardware support, server space, required power, and bandwidth. There is no need for long-term commitment, simply configure your server, click and go!